Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Worldly Wednesdays: Vida Vegan Con 2013


Vida Vegan Con II took place last weekend, May 24-26, in Portland, OR. Vida Vegan Con is the world's first international vegan blogging & social media conference. Below is a recap of who was there and what went down (from a non-attendee). 

But first: What is Vida Vegan Con?
Vida Vegan Con is a professionally run, annual conference designed to celebrate, explore, and fine-tune the practice—and ever-growing community—of vegan bloggers and users. It's an action-packed weekend of workshops, discussion panels, speakers, special events, exhibitor exhibits, vegan food, and more.

It’s a 3-day convention featuring:

Who attends?
- 350 vegan bloggers
-cookbook authors
-blog enthusiasts and future bloggers

The Speaker Lineup this year included some of my favorite vegan bloggers, such as:
-Cadry Nelson of Cadry’sKitchen
-Sayward Rebhal of BonzaiAphrodite
-Susan Voisin of FatfreeVegan
(I highly recommend following these food bloggers. Even if you aren’t vegan, their recipes are incredible)

-also Michelle Schwegmann of Herbivore Clothing (check out their clothing sometime!)

Some of my favorite Sponsors/Exhibitors included:

- Fabe's Natural Bakery: delicious vegan cookies sweetened with fruits, veggies and grains (and absolutely no refined sugars). (

-Upton's Naturals: Faux meat products made of seitan (check out their products here:

- Tofurky: Faux deli meats, sausages, hot dogs and vegan pizzas. (

- Beanfields: Bean & Rice chips (products here:
- Beauty Without Cruelty: Vegan make-up that is not tested on animals (check out their products here:


- Alternative Outfitters: a Vegan Boutique located in the Los Angeles area. (
-Vegan Cuts: an online marketplace & monthly subscription box for discovering new vegan products. (

Check out more of their great sponsors here!

And don’t forget to follow Vida Vegan Bloggers Conference on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the happenings and details of next year’s conference: VVCIII…



  1. Cutie! This blog is SO cute. Did we meet at VVC? If not, we should have. And if we did, I was drunk. Either way, happy to have found your bloggity blog.

  2. Thank you! I'm so flattered that you like my blog because I follow yours too. Unfortunately, I was not at VVC (but I wish I was because I LOVE Portland). I'm kind of new to veganism (and I haven't quite made the transition to complete vegan yet). But that's why I follow you and other great vegan bloggers for inspiration. It truly is a learning process. Anyways, I appreciate you stopping by! Did I mention that I love your blog? :)