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Worldly Wednesdays: World Fest Los Angeles Recap

Wednesdays are “Worldly” because, every Wednesday, I will provide S&P readers with all the latest news and info in the world of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, beauty, products and brands. Plus I will try to keep you all up-to-date on upcoming events and festivals. Wednesday will also be the day to review and recap events and festivals that I, myself, am able to attend.

What a better way to kick-off MY VERY FIRST Worldly Wednesday than to give a recap of last Sunday’s World Fest Los Angeles?

“What exactly is World Fest?”- You might be asking. Well, if you live in Los Angeles, it is something you should know about. This amazing and very vegan-friendly festival is held every year at Lake Balboa, CA at Woodley Park. The park serves as a great location for the event- it isn’t too overwhelmingly huge or too small of a festival.  This year’s fest took place last Sunday (May 19). If you are able to make it out next year, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. Here are just a few reasons why:

The overview on the World Fest Facebook page explains:
WorldFest is an “annual solar-powered celebration of music, food, the environment, animals and humanity - inspiring people about making a difference for their community and the planet.”

Not only does World Fest “talk the talk”, it truly does “walk the walk.” According to the World Fest Facebook page, there were more than 100 exhibitors:  both companies and organizations with earth and animal-friendly missions. Along with eco-friendly exhibitors and vegan food tents, there were animal adoptions, celebrity speakers, singers and songwriters, poets, kid’s activities, yoga, meditation and cooking demos. Because the festival is committed to being eco-friendly, they offer recycling and composting, and even free filtered water onsite. Plus, discounted ticket prices were offered to those who showed up on their bikes or via public transit. And, you read that right: it’s ALL solar-powered.

At almost every booth I visited, exhibitors were giving out freebies and samples. I left with a goodie bag FULL of stuff. There were samples of popular vegan food items, including: Beanfields chips, Alter Eco fair trade chocolate, Mamma Chia drinks, So Delicious ice cream bars, and Bio-K Plus probiotics.

There were also some great celebrity speakers. John Salley (formerly of the Los Angeles Lakers) was there to champion a vegan diet, Debra Wilson (MADtv) spoke about her involvement as an animal and social advocate, and Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro Comics, was there to provide comic-relief.

If these aren’t compelling enough reasons, let me remind you: there were tons of cuddly animals to visit at the animal adoption tents. That’s a draw in itself!

Are you convinced yet? Good. Let me share with you my favorite exhibitors and food vendors. If you aren’t able to make it to World Fest next year, you can always find some of these vendors on their Facebook pages or through their websites. Some of the food vendors are based in Los Angeles, too. So, give them a visit sometime and tell them that S&P sent you!

My Favorite Food Vendors at the Fest:


Fresh Jamaican food tents (“popping up at festivals around southern California and beyond”).

I first had the pleasure of tasting their food at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Their tent was a vegan oasis in a desert of unhealthy festival foods (do you like the metaphor?). Ever since trying their deliciously-fresh Jamaican cuisine, I have been following them from festival to festival. I was so glad to see them at the World Fest Los Angeles. Not only do they make great food, but they are friendly people.

What to Order: The Reggae Wrap is a favorite (don’t forget to order a side of plantains!)

Field Roast


Based in Seattle, Field Roast is the “original maker of veggie grain meats.” Their faux meats are often sold in Whole Foods Markets.

I was so happy to see Field Roast at this festival because I am a big fan of their faux meats. It was interesting to see them in the festival setting, because, instead of simply selling their faux meats, they were there creating some amazing festival-inspired cuisine. You better believe that these dishes brilliantly showcased their faux meats! They were selling dishes such as their signature corn dogs, Italian sausage sandwiches, and sausage pasta. There was not one, but THREE kinds of faux sausages to choose from: Italian, Mexican Chipotle and Smoked Apple Sage. I ordered the Italian Sausage Sandwich with Italian sausage and peppers. It was very tasty and perfectly spicy.


Mamma Chia

“Mamma Chia infuses nutrient dense chia seeds with delicious organic juices creating tasty vitality beverages that are Fun for Your Mouth & Great for Your Body”
I had only seen Mamma Chia drinks at my local Sprouts and Whole Foods. I had never tried them before the festival. I was able to grab a sample of Blackberry Hibiscus and I was blown away by the incredible flavor of the juice and the delicious, gelatinous texture of the chia seeds. It honestly tasted like (vegan) Jello- in a good way.

What to Try:  Mamma Chia’s Blackberry Hibiscus drink


“Bio-K+ International Inc. intends to become a world leader in manufacturing and marketing probiotic products aimed at improving people's health and quality of life.”
I was able to sample Bio-K’s organic fermented rice probiotic drink. It is the perfect probiotic for vegans with all the taste and flavor of a kefir probiotic. I loved the taste and would probably drink it everyday. Plus it’s organic, GMO and gluten-free!

Luscious Organic Desserts:

How could I not talk about dessert? Luscious is a “local baking company offering top quality, gourmet desserts using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients with no hydrogenation, no refined sugars, and no bleached flours.” They had many delicious organic and vegan treats at the festival- including vegan ding dongs. I was able to try the original vegan ding dong and the pumpkin vegan ding dong with pumpkin cake and vanilla “cream” center. Mmmmm. 

My Favorite Exhibitors:            

Lisa (Arbonne Independent Consultant): 

Arbonne is a company offering “botanically based beauty, health and wellness products.” Much like Avon, Arbonne works with Independent Consultants. However, Arbonne is committed to transparency and providing full disclosure of ingredient lists and believes that “consumers have a fundamental right to know every ingredient” in their products. According to their website, Arbonne products are also vegan-certified: their formulas are “never tested on animals” and they “do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.”

Lisa is one dedicated independent consultant as she applies 100% percent of the profits that she makes selling Arbonne products towards her animal rescue and fostering projects. Support Lisa and her animal rescue efforts by purchasing some Arbonne from her website here:

Kathmandu Boutique

A lovely boutique featuring beautiful clothing and unique products from Nepal, India, and Tibet. This boutique is located in Santa Monica at 1844 Lincoln Blvd. Pay them a visit sometime! Here is their website:

Young Living Oils: 

I was able to meet Kathleen Brozee who is an independent Young Living distributor. She gave me a sample of her valor essential oil and peppermint oil. The peppermint oil was amazing and is worth a pretty penny ($28.29- to be exact!). But this bottle will last you a long time- all it takes is one little droplet, ingested orally, to clear your sinuses and give your body a healthy energy boost. So worth it!

For a list of more vendors, visit the World Fest website below and make sure you come out next year! Thanks for reading!


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