Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Eats (Part 2): The Valley (Juicy Ladies & Veggie Grill)

June Eats is a 4-part post recapping all the fabulous plant-based restaurants that I visited in the month of June. I was so fortunate to try so many new places last month that I decided to break up this post into 4 different parts separated by location. For example, Part 1 describes my trip to Cinnaholic and Ike’s Place in the San Francisco Bay Area, Part 2 is about Juicy Ladies and the new Veggie Grill location in the San Fernando Valley, Part 3 is about Kippy’s Ice Cream and Real Food Daily in the Santa Monica Bay area, and Part 4 is dedicated to Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in Hollywood. Enjoy!

Part 2: The Valley (Juicy Ladies & Veggie Grill) 

Juicy Ladies, Woodland Hills 


Tucked away on the very far north-west end of Ventura Blvd is a quaint, yet brightly-painted, café featuring organic vegan and organic raw vegan dishes: Juicy Ladies. They are also a juice, smoothie and detox bar. Hence the word “Juicy” in the name.

Here’s what I ordered

The Garbanzo Burger: garbanzo bean patty, sprouts, pickle, red onion, avocado, roasted red pepper, aioli, ketchup and mustard, served on a whole wheat bun.

I’m not going to lie: upon first glance, the portion seemed a bit small for the price. However, the Juicy Ladies use only the freshest, organic ingredients. So, what the dish lacked in size, it made up for in taste and quality! It was filling, too. I was worried, at first, when I looked at the size because I was really hungry. Not to fear, this little fiber-dense burger packs a punch! I ate it for lunch and didn’t eat until dinner-time (and that’s rare for me). The burger was also served with a delicious side garden salad (not just a garnish), which was so fresh and yummy. The dressing was delicious, too.

I had to order a smoothie because, again, “juicy” is in the name and these ladies know what they’re doing. I got the Pina Colada Smoothie, which had: coconut, pineapple, coconut water, coconut milk and agave. To this I added a Super Greens boost. It was tasty and energizing.

So don’t let size turn you off to the quality ingredients packed in the healthy, fresh, and tasty dishes at Juicy Ladies. Their food is well worth a try!  


Veggie Grill, Encino

I made a trip to Veggie Grill for my birthday. Veggie Grill has been described as a vegan “fast food” chain. They serve up healthier American-style dishes such as: a southern- style Crispy Chickin’ Plate that is served with cauliflower mashed potatoes and kale, a tasty All-American stack served with veggie-steak, crispy onion rings, vegan Thousand Island dressing all atop a healthy whole wheat bun, and they even have a cheese burger served with vegan cheese and vegan chipotle ranch. Their sides include veganized American favorites such as: chili and red cabbage ’slaw. They also have some variety to their menu, including a Carne Asada sandwich (which has a nice spicy kick), a Thai Chickin’ Wrap, and Baja “Fish” Tacos (a new item on their menu). Check out their Facebook page for locations and deals. They give you an entire entrée for free on your birthday, so be sure to subscribe to their email list (plus you get a free dessert coupon just for signing up!).

I ordered their new Kale Caesar (get it?) salad and added Blackened Chickin’ to it. All of that was completely free with my birthday coupon. The salad was loaded with fresh avocado and pieces of tempeh “bacon.” Overall, it was a great choice. My bf and I also shared a plate of the Buffalo Wings (my favorite dish on their menu).

I also had to order their Chocolate Pudding Parfait for dessert (my second favorite thing on their menu). It was great, as usual. 

If you haven’t tried Veggie Grill yet, treat yourself for your birthday! They’ll foot the bill, so it’s completely risk-free. But, I promise you’ll like it anyway. I know a lot of non-vegans who love Veggie Grill. So you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the food. There’s something there for everyone.

I hope you liked Part 2 of June Eats. Be sure to read Part 3- where I talk about Santa Monica Bay (Kippy’s Ice Cream & Real Food Daily)


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