Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Eats (Part 4): Hollywood (Doomie’s Home Cooking)

June Eats is a 4-part post recapping all the fabulous plant-based restaurants that I visited in the month of June. I was so fortunate to try so many new places last month that I decided to break up this post into 4 different parts separated by location. For example, Part 1 describes my trip to Cinnaholic and Ike’s Place in the San Francisco Bay Area, Part 2 is about Juicy Ladies and the new Veggie Grill location in the San Fernando Valley, Part 3 is about Kippy’s Ice Cream and Real Food Daily in the Santa Monica Bay area, and Part 4 is dedicated to Doomie’s Home Cookin’ in Hollywood. Enjoy!

Part 4: Hollywood (Doomie’s Home Cooking)

Doomie’s specializes in greasy, fatty, vegan comfort food. It is by no means healthy. This is vegan junk food beloved by many vegans/vegetarians, omnivores, and yelpers alike.

If you’re vegan and you’ve ever missed comfort food, or even fast food, Doomie’s is the place to be. I say “fast food” not because it is fast, per se, but because they have a vegan Big Mac on their secret menu! They also have a Western bacon cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, and a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Doomie's Vegan Big Mac

My bf ordered the vegan Big Mac and I ordered the BBQ pulled “pork” sandwich. This classic southern dish was served with a cup of their mac n’ cheese AND a generous side of fries. We also got an order of jalapeno poppers which were mighty tasty!
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with side of mac n' cheese and fries (Jalapeno Popper also pictured)

Our friends ordered the drumstick appetizer. These were incredibly convincing and I really had to do a double-take. I don’t know how they do it!

What I recommend: although my bf loved the Big Mac, I would not recommend it to vegans because vegans know their meat substitutes and this unmistakably tastes like a Boca burger (I wouldn’t be surprised if it was). I would recommend it to those who are new to vegan food (it’s a safe choice), but I would not recommend it to long-time vegans. Instead, opt for something like the BBQ pulled pork (which is a favorite on yelp) and definitely try the jalapeno poppers and the chicken drumsticks. You can’t go wrong with these! The homemade vegan cheese in the poppers is amazing and like nothing you’ve tasted before. The pulled pork is tender and saucy! The drumsticks, as I said above, are extremely convincing (in taste and texture). I liked what I ordered (pulled pork) and my bf loved his Big Mac (although, again, I wasn’t a fan). Overall it was a nice departure from the healthy vegan restaurants that I usually haul my bf to and we would definitely try it again! 

So that's it for June Eats: my very special recap of where I ate in June! I hope you enjoyed this 4-part post featuring some amazing plant-based restaurants! Are you going to try any of these fabulous establishments? What are you going to order? Have you already tried any of these places? What did you like? Let me know!


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